Unconditional Love and support For 4 of Chicago’s Troubled Youth

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Before we start, this is not REWARD money. NO!
This is for prevention of recidivism, and the rehabilitation of these four human beings.
Have Jordan, Tesfaye, Tanisha, and Brittany of Chicago done something wrong? Yes, they have done something distasteful.
Should they be punished for it? Of course, this is a society with law and order.
But can we trust the system to make them better people? That is a difficult one, hence the purpose of this Urban Fundr.
Please give me a second of your time.
While the punishment of jail time is inevitable for these kids, let’s also make sure that time is put towards making them come out as responsible people who know what love from their community looks like, and the importance of helping others. This fundraiser will be put towards getting them into a school program, learning a vocation that will keep their minds busy, and their children on the outside.
Even if they are another statistic in the prison system, they can come out as miracle stories who have been touched collectively by their community. Let’s show them that the same society that they embarrassed, won't see them thrown away and forgotten about.
The system will teach them the weight of wrong deeds, we will show them the power of unity and unconditional love for our troubled youth.


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