U.S War Veteran Murdered Attempting to Save Woman from Attacker

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URBAN FUNDR is working to raise money in support of Air Force Veteran Devin Wilson.  We will reach out to family here in Memphis, TN where we are based to ensure all funds get properly distributed.

Urban Fundr Featured campaigns operate on a reduced 2% transaction rate so that more money passes through to the family.

27-year-old Devin Wilson, an Iraqi War Veteran, was murdered while attempting to save a woman from a domestic violence assault.  In Memphis, TN, at an IHOP, a popular breakfast hang out and watering hole, the U.S. Air Force veteran intervened when a woman was being choked by what we now know was her ex-boyfriend.  He, and a security officer at the restaurant, assisted her when she yelled for “help.”  The ex-boyfriend shot both Devin and the security guard.  Devin succumbed to his injuries and leaves a wife and four children to mourn him.  Devin is a hero.  He was a hero because he served his country and he was a hero because he died serving his countrymen by stopping a woman from being killed. He and his wife met in elementary school and created a family of love that we all can admire.  His wife and children will need aid and assistance for the rest of their lives being that they have lost a father, husband, protector, provider, and Hero.  Please show this family that Devin did not die in vain. He died a hero.


A man who died trying to defuse an argument inside a Memphis IHOP was an Air Force veteran with four children.

Family members identified the victim as 27-year-old Devin Wilson. He served in the Air Force and was deployed in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Wilson met his wife in elementary school and graduated from Sheffield High School.

Wilson's wife, Jessica, said his first love was his four children.

"They're asking for their daddy, they're calling for their daddy, and there's nothing that I can tell them besides he loved them," Jessica Wilson said.

Wilson was shot and killed at the Whitehaven IHOP at 1 a.m. Sunday.

Witnesses said he and a security guard tried to break up an argument between a man and his ex-girlfriend. The ex-boyfriend pulled out a gun and shot the security guard and Wilson.

Police said Wilson jumped in to stop the fight after the ex-boyfriend allegedly choked the woman. Wilson was shot in the head and the security guard was shot in the arm. Wilson died in the hospital. The security guard was taken to the hospital in non-critical condition. On Mother's Day, Devin's mother was forced to say goodbye to her son.

"That's the day that I had to make the decision to let them turn the machine off and let my son go," Wilson's mother, Katina Rounds, said.

Wilson's family members said they're not surprised by his courageous final moments.

"We have to do something, you just can't stand by and let that happen. That was Devin," Rounds said.

Wilson dreamed of opening a community center for youth in the Whitehaven neighborhood.

"He wanted kids to have a place to go to without being harmed," Jessica said. "He [shooter] took a life away from all of us. His momma - on Mother's Day. That's no way to celebrate."

His memory lives on and is forever connected to the day he passed away."Every Mother's Day will be filled with Devin's day, we can know that," Rounds said.
Investigators have not made any arrests in the shooting.

SOURCE: WMC Action News 5.


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