Tour Van for Rock Band

By Black Rock Revival

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Hi, I'm Sebastian Banks, band leader for Black Rock Revival.  We're a rock band from Memphis, TN.  (Yes, more than Blues and Rap is coming out of Memphis.) My band members and I are asking for your help.  We need a new Tour Vehicle.  If you didn't know, making quality music is expensive and bringing that music directly to the people is even more expensive. Luckily we have covered the first hurdle, the MUSIC.



We all work full time jobs which has given us the ability to pay for instruments, rehearsal facilities and high quality music production.  We have worked with some of the best in Memphis, such as Kevin Houston, Kurt Clayton and Nina Stakz, for the past 2 years creating some of our best music to date.  Now, we could take the easy route and just drop it on iTunes, but, that would be a disservice to those who believe in us and to YOU, our fellow music lovers.  This music deserves to be heard LIVE.  We need to get back on the ROAD.  This is where YOU can make a difference.

 We have bought used vehicles, sunk thousands of dollars into them, and each has broken down or stranded us on some dirt road! (I think I still have that video update stranded outside of Nashville)  Through it all we keep pushing. We keep working.  Along the way we have lost love ones, a father, grandmothers, brothers and friends that have cheered us on to succeed. Each one said "DON'T QUIT!!"
We have created our best work yet, and the world needs to hear it LIVE. They need to hear New Memphis Music. Check out these links
to see and hear our work, and you be the judge. Help us raise $25,000 to pay for a NEW Tour vehicle.   Help us take our Memphis born music to the world. We are Black Rock Revival, peace out. 


Project FAQ

How long has Black Rock Revival been a band? 6 years

How many albums has the band released? 2 albums 3 singles

Is there new music on the way? Yes, we are releasing " Memphis" the second single from our upcoming album.

How soon will see you touring once you have the vehicle? Spring/Summer of 2017