The View Within Mario Reed Documentary

By Mario Reed

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My name is Mario Reed and I'm a 34 year old male born and raised in the North Memphis area.   Early in life I found my passion through sports playing soccer, basketball, football, and track and field.   About 19 years I was injured in a football game during a football tackle.  It left me paralized from the 2nd cervical and below.  Life has been a real challenger me living on my own over the last 19 years but I am still here to share my journey with the world.
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"The View Within Mario Reed Documentary" is a story about how my life took that dramatic change about 19 years ago.  With that change I started to grow intellectually, spiritually, socially, and psychologically in ways I could have never imagined.  The journey took its first steps when I was a teenage athlete who had never thought much of my fallibility. In a matter of seconds, I was catapulted into an awareness of myself and others for which I was not prepared.


The conditions that most people have considered tragic, have lead me into a deeper understanding of myself and a stronger sense of independence.  This film will give you an inside view of my life's journey starting back at the age of 6  growing up on the tough streets of  North Memphis where poverty stricken African Americans struggled on a daily basis.

I am starting this campaign to create funds to help finance the documentary and a new Mario Reed Foundation to assist with helping quadriplegics and parapalegics with research by providing footage of my life's daily routines.  I hope to give quads and pars a form of inspiration and motivation to continue to live their life purposely in spite of the injury or diagnosis.


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