The Follow Up

By Bloc828

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Various BLOC828 experiences are planned to expose the young adults to truths resulting in an IMPRINT which produces an IMAGE of change, helping them as individuals as well as their communities. BLOC828 plans to target 50 of its previous participants to form a premier cohort in an effort to cultivate and retain talented, passionate, millennials in the city of Memphis. Through programming which challenges their perspective, as well as their faith, The FOLLOW-Up endeavors to harness the power within the cohort to become change agents for the city. Not only will these young adults continue to receive mentors hip, they will also transition into mentors for high school students currently participating in BLOC828 programming. Plans for this cohort include a kickoff experience , BE, in November 2016, with subsequent small group strategy sessions. In Spring 2017, the cohort will implement their strategic plan by completing community improvement projects throughout the city. By Summer 2017, the cohort aims to bear fruit by reducing youth crime/violence with a "Summer of Peace". This process not only requires time, but funding for travel and project resources. We would love your support to impact and improve our communities future leaders!

It’s with great joy and excitement that I share with you the opportunity to support a Memphis Community Movement that will address the heart of our young adults ages 18 to 28.  These college/young professionals have been deemed to have a Heart that does not care about the progression of our city and I believe that’s not the case.  In fact the idea of this movement was ignited by conversations with some of these young adults.  My heart believes that if these young people are exposed/coached/directed on how they can positively IMPACT their communities then they can be the advocates of change in our city.

I along with a team of people are passionate about change in our city but realize we need this generation to be actively engaged to see the change manifest.  We are putting together a series of events/conferences designed to teach/show and then allow our young adults the opportunity to take this city one community at a time and make an IMPRESSION that will change the IMAGE of the city of Memphis!  Some of the ways these young adults will be exposed is through panel discussions, workshops, community engagement, etc.

In order to expose them to the knowledge and understanding of what it means to BE an IMAGE that leaves an IMPRINT which ultimately IMPACTS where they live, work and play I need your support.  It is my prayer that you carefully consider supporting us in one of the levels below.


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