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My best friend is Tamara McDaniel. She is a popular blogger and social justice activist. Daily, I see her fight for marginalized people in any way she can. Sadly, she is currently fighting a battle, and she needs our help.
I’ve known Tamara since I was 18 years old. She is a hard working and loving woman. She never says no to people in need. Unfortunately, she is in the middle of a messy divorce battle with a horrible con man. He went as far as faking his accent and made up some fake pro-blackness to trick her into thinking he would never use racism against her. She’s showed me emails of him confessing to sick illegal things. She has all of the evidence, but he is suing her for primary custody. He doesn’t want custody; he just wants to hurt her. I am not going to let this happen! He is even hacking her accounts. It's taking a toll on her emotionally.
Let’s help her fight back. I can guarantee you that any money over what she needs will be donated to charity. Why? Because my bestie is the most giving person, I know.
I think a couple of high priced attorneys will make this weasel back off.


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