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Urban Fundr is raising money to help Mr. Eldridge purchase and installation of a home security system that includes security cameras, motion detection lights and home alarm sensors.

An 84-year-old Memphis man was hit in the head with a gun and robbed of more than $3,000.

It was a crime of opportunity in the 4200 block of Opportunity Road, Thursday night. Two men rolled up on William Eldridge.

"I never would have thought someone would come out here and do this to me,” Eldridge told FOX13.

Memphis Police said the 84-year-old was in his front yard when the men driving a gray Toyota Camry came on his property and asked collard greens, which Eldridge said he’s out of for the season.

Eldridge, who is a Korean War Veteran, said the suspects then pulled out a handgun and demanded money.

"War wasn't that bad…the way he did me yesterday. 10 stitches in my head,” Eldridge explained.

He told FOX13 the suspects hit him in the head with the butt of the gun.

"After he got the money, he told me he would come to kill me,” Eldridge said.

The suspects got away with Eldridge’s wallet, car keys and more than $3,000 in cash. Police said they were last seen heading north on Opportunity toward Raines.

Police have not released any specific suspect information to this point.

Eldridge told FOX13 he plans to add security systems around his home and gardens.

"No sense in that…coming down here to an 84-year-old man by himself and do them like they did me. Something need to change,” Eldridge said.


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