Southwind Jags Football Celebration

By Southwind Jaguars Youth Athletic Association

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The Southwind Jaguars are a Youth Athletic Club located in SouthEast Shelby County. We serve the youth from the edge of Germantown to 2

Getwell and from Mississippi to Cordova. Many of our children come from the 38125 and 38141 zip codes, but we are not limited to those two areas. We consist of approximately 9 volunteer coaches and organizers, covering such sports as football, basketball, track and cheerleading. Many of our coaches have been committed to the program for more than 10 years, and have witnessed young men they've coached as children develop into college and in a couple of rare occasions, professional athletes. As coaches and volunteers, we freely give of our time, resources, money and energy to assisting in the betterment of the young men and women in our community. From our own pockets we provide these young people uniforms, shoes, transportation, tutoring, and sometimes its just as simple as being there to counsel them in their times of need. All in all, we are extremely committed to these young people and want them to know that it's not just their parents and immediate family that have their backs, but there is in fact a wide community of men and women who support them and will give when called upon to work with them.

1Our football program consists of 3 teams this year, separated by age group. We have Bantams (5-8 years old), Pee Wees (9-11 years old) and Juniors (11-13 years old). Typically, we have enough children to cover all of our budgets and accomplish all of the goals we set forward at the start of the year. This year was a little different however, and we are reaching out to the wider community to help us reach our budgeting goals. With only 12 kids per football team (and no cheerleading team), this entire season has been a challenge. Good thing for us, football and sports are all about overcoming challenges and obstacles. Our kids have played what's known as "ironman" football all season long, and we want to celebrate them as the season draws to a close. Ironman football means pretty much every kid on all of our teams has had to play every game in it's entirety.....offense, defense and special teams. While you undoubtedly learn a lot during those types of seasons, the toll on you wears you down both mentally and physically. We've never had numbers this low in our organization, so this is all uncharted territory for us. That said, our games this weekend decide whether we make the playoffs or not, so we are fighting through it.

I am reaching out to our community of friends and family to help us reach our goal. We are $1,000 short. That money is not used to pay us coaches, as we've invested anywhere from $2-400 each this season. We aren't looking to be reimbursed. That's a part of what we have committed to these children. We are raising this money to have an awesome year end celebration for the hard work our boys have done this year. We want them to know that hard work does pay off and again, that there are more people out here supporting our youth than they could ever really know. We are starting at $25, understanding that if just 40 people donated $25 we would be successful. Anything above that is love though. Just pure love.

We thank you for taking the time and we ask that you seriously consider supporting our youth. Please understand that without you, things like SWJ are impossible. We need your support and your commitment to the children to make our world a better place.



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