Sending Barb Simpson Home to be with her Mom

By S McDonald

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12472481_588442841319165_4296976033719697267_nBarb Simpson passed away April 1st, 2016.  Surrounded by some of the people who loved her most, she was able to finally rest and be at peace from the pain.  She was a vibrant lady, life of the party and had such an infectious laugh.  Words cannot express deeply saddened we are by this loss.

The plan is to purchase 2 urns for Barb.  One that will be placed into a spot with her first love Philip, Jimmy's father.  The other will be sent for her to be with her mother.  Both her mom and Phillip were missed dearly by Barb and this is what she would have wanted. Please help us make this happen and support us by giving $5, $10 or $20.  (Please read below for payment instructions or options)

Survived by her 3 children Jimmy, Tony and Alisia, as well as her brothers and grandchildren, she exits this world knowing how DEEPLY loved and cherished she was.  She was a wonderful friend and we will continue to remember her as she would have wanted us too.  We love you Barb. Rest in Power our strong Aboriginal sister!


You can select one of the amounts listed or (if you would like to pay a different amount) select the lower amount that closest to the number you wish to donate and place the amount beside it.  For example, you want to pay $15.  Select $10 and when it asks, place $15 beside it.

Canadian Visa Debit cards from your local bank are being accepted as well.  If you are not able to donate this way but would still like to contribute, please email me at:


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