North Coast Now – Friends and Family Round

By Mas Movils!

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Recent outrage over intermittent cellular network service is really an example of daily telecom life outside of North America, Europe and some Asian countries. Most of the worlds population experiences poor cellular service and outages depending on the areas they live. The lack of adequate technological communication is common in the people's daily lives especially in Latin America and Africa. The very things those of us in the States take for granted is rare at best in these places. This is why we are bringing our services to areas of need. To help the underserved achieve ubiquitous connectivity and have the option to communicate. With communication there comes innovation. Which advances society.

Work with us in creating a better tomorrow. Visit our website. Like our Facebook page. Ask us questions. This is not a something we created yesterday wishing on a star. The Founders of MasMovils have literally invested every ounce of their lives over the past few years to make this a reality. By that I mean, retirement plans, lifelong homes, savings accounts, sleep loss mental exhaustion; all sacrificed with the common desire to CREATE a better tomorrow for ourselves and others. . Our goal in the short term is to provide 4G/LTE-Advanced services to the entire North Coast of the Dominican Republic. This is expected to be achieved before the end of the third quarter of 2015. Upon achieving that goal, we will then turn the page to the next phase of our plans which is to compete for high end but affordable 4G/LTE-Advanced services throughout the entire island. Join us and together let's create a true economic and thus social revolution.


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