Korryn Gaines’s Children Trust Support Fund

By Urban Fundr

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This campaign has been created for the sole purpose of supporting the children of Korryn Gaines.  In a series of  tragic events....Korryn Gaines, a 23 years young mother of 2, lost her life in a police shooting on August 1, 2016.

It has been widely reported by national news that similar to fellow Baltimore native Freddie Gray, Ms. Gaines suffered from lead poisoning. The symptoms and their unpredictable effects are obvious in this case. That being said, Korryn's life had value. It deserved the same level of police restraint extended to white Americans exhibiting similar aggressive and/or erratic behavior stemming from a potential mental illness. Further proof that Black Americans have very little room for error, even when they are not in complete control of their mental state, before they are murdered by those sworn to serve and protect them. We are living in a time now where we as a community must rally together to support and console one another. Now is the time for the "village" to look out for the biggest victims in this tragedy, the children left behind.

Other communities are given the benefit of doubt with the police and law enforcement, but its become painfully obvious to all of us here at UrbanFundr that not all Americans are not given that same consideration. As such, we must do everything we can to embrace, support and lift up one another. This means we will continue to push for our fallen brothers and sisters and the families they leave behind.

Korryn leaves behind two small children, aged 1 and 5. While we completely understand that $200,000 is a lot for many of us individually, we also understand that it will cost much more than that to raise 2 children this young into adulthood. That said, we are now reaching out to the community to achieve our goal. Together we can easily surpass the $200K threshold and ensure that these children will continue to have a good shot at the lives ahead of them. As always with UrbanFundr, donations collected will be delivered DIRECTLY to Ms. Gaines' immediately family in the form of a Trust or similar Financial Instrument for her children and their care. We will begin working with attorneys and Trust Officers immediately to ensure this money is secure and protected.

 Cynicism toward Korryn Gaines, Baltimore mom killed by cops, illustrates power of white privilege

She was a strong loving mother of 2 beautiful children whose future is now uncertain.  Tragic as the events are, we at Urban Fundr would like to redirect the negativity and divisive opinions surrounding this unfortunate death into a positive force that can help the future of Korryn's children.  Funds collected will be placed into a Financial Trust Fund for Korryn's 2 children. Together let us raise these children above this tragedy and Fund their Future.


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