Help us bring a black owned SOULFOOD restaurant back to the east

By Don-dons on the east

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  1. time after time I walk up and down 3rd ave finding myself hungry, and I must say I'm tired of the same old boring food. First of all I don't eat fast food like "McDonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell, Chinese food, etc" I don't like it. I like seafood but we have that.. I really love SOULFOOD, unfortunately us residents of east Harlem do not have a notable SOULFOOD spot which I'm sure would generate a good turn out seeing as how we don't have one Lml! Help me out I know all the old lady's in el Barrio who put they whole leg in the pot, forget the foot. Our prices will be very affordable seeing how we do it for the community and we would be open 24/7 with free plates to the homeless on holidays. Once we have business booming we will hold summer youth basketball and adult basketball tournaments to bring the Nieghborhood together and try to alleviate the hostile that hangs above the east side of town. Help us help you ??✌?️


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