Help Support Judge Olu Stevens – systemic injustice

By Black Star Legal Services

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The Urban Fundr staff have spoken directly with the legal counsel of Judge Olu Stevens. During that conversation, we were made aware that as an elected official of the court, Crowdfunding on the behalf of Judge Stevens is strictly prohibited. The Judge and his legal staff expressed sincere gratitude and appreciation to Urban Fundr and the Campaign itself as well as everyone lending their support to the campaign, considering that we were the only Crowdfunding campaign to do so. Unfortunately again, we cannot raise funds on Judge Stevens behalf.

We will be processing refunds to everyone who supported this campaign. We work vigorously behind the scenes to protect the integrity of our campaigns and to develop the level of trust between UF and our supporters necessary to make the impacts we are all working towards making. As such, we will establish an email account for all third party campaigns and ideas for UF to champion. Once chosen, they will be labeled as “Staff Picks”, to ensure everyone of the highest possible level of transparency.

Thank you for your support. Together will continue to Fund Our Futures!

Kentucky judge is now suspended without pay for 90 days because he halted a trial and dismissed the entire jury upon noticing a lack of black jurors.

“The concern is that the panel is not representative of the community,” said Judge Stvens, according to Washington Times.

A Black man in power, who is a JUDGE above everything else, has done what was needed and CALLED out the systemic racism that plagues our country and community.  He is now paying for it with a 90 day unpaid suspension.  So what exactly does that say? It says that black people (and other people of color working in the system) are to uphold white supremacy and not challenge it; or they will face consequences.  This type of punishment says "conform or suffer the consequence".

We will never begin to overcome the systemic and institutional racism of this country if the people in power, who are black or of color, are expected to uphold the racist system or be penalized for challenging it.  Black  and non-black POC lawyers, Paralegals and other legal administrative parties are constantly subjected to racial discrimination in this field and there are countless reports to support it!  Law is ALL about challenging unconstitutional laws and making sure to uphold the civil or human rights of the people.  How can that happen if those same people doing their job, are treated unfairly and not given the same opportunities, without punishment? Judge Stevens needs our support and should be commended for using his power rather than ABUSING his power, to do something RIGHT in the law.


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