Help Echo Hill Become real

By Echo Hill Brewery

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Help this finally become a reality. For the past 3 years Echo Hill Brewery has been a passion and a dream. All that was needed was that one push, that push came in the form of being fired from a job. The entrepreneur in me knows the only way to avoid this is to finally follow my dream and make my passion a reality.

My goal is to bring a small town feel to a small town area Cary IL. What we will be looking to do is open up a small distribution brewery with a tasting room on site. This will be accompanied by a food truck that can be bring food and drinks together in harmony.


Project FAQ

Blood, Sweat, and Tears? Instead I am all about Boil, Steep, and Chill. When it comes to brewing I want to challenge myself to new limits. I want my beer to be able to be set apart from all others in a blind taste test. I do not want to be told it taste similar to anything out there.