Flint Solidarity Trip II

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Second South Florida Delegation to Flint!

Back in January of this year I traveled to Flint, Michigan with Nancy Metayer to cover the Flint Water Crisis. During our time there we had the opportunity to meet with several grassroots organizations, activists, organizers and community members. Through grassroots efforts we raised over $1,500 through co-workers, families, crowdfunding, and friends to donate to local community organizations (Raise It Up!, Flint Rising, #HashtagLunchBagFlint, and M.A.D.E. Institute) and to purchase water to distribute to an elderly living community for the disabled. We knew early in our short time in Flint that we would have to come back due to all the bonds and relationships that we built and all the untold stories that we had yet to hear. So shortly, after returning to South Florida we started planning our return with the coordination of M.A.D.E. Institute. The organization is leading a play that will be detailing the life of Flint Residents and the group invited us to come back to talk about our perspectives/study of the local and national effects of environmental racism. Unfortunately, due to a work conflict, I am unable to make the trip this year. However, I am honored that both Nancy and Kellie will be attending this trip because their vast knowledge of environmental racism expands beyond my limited scope and understanding of the topic. Also, I am committed to in assisting with the success of the trip although I cannot be there physically. Here is more information about about Nancy and Kellie:


Nancy Metayer is an environmentalist, water advocate, and humanitarian. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Sciences from Florida A&M University. After analyzing her career goals, she decided to pursue a Masters of Health Science degree in Environmental Health Sciences from John Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health. Nancy has always been intrigued about water quality and its impact on public health, and is determined to encourage others to feel the same way.


Kellie Tigertail is a member of the Seminole Tribe of Florida. She grew up on the Big Cypress Indian Reservation in the Everglades. She received her bachelors degree in Human & Social Development, from the University of Miami. Currently, she works for the Center for Behavioral Health in the Seminole Tribe of Florida. She have been apart of organizing efforts to stop the River of Grass Greenway and Sabal Trail Pipeline, as well as some local actions against the DAPL.


Nancy and Kellie need your help to continue to provide support for this play initiative (donate directly to the play here: Public Enemy Flint) and to provide water to another disadvantage community in Flint, Michigan (donate directly on this site here). Thank you for taking your valuable time to read this! Please take time to support today.



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