Finding my Roots

By Nique Craft

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Hello All,

I was adopted in the Bronx,NY in 1985. My mother is a white German lady who turns out is not a very big fan of minorities,growing up was hard.

I was raised with many tall tales about my adoption and I just want to know the truth.

I want to know to know where my skin color comes from,I want to know what part of Africa I am from. I am a chef trying to open a restaurant based on the regions of Africa I might come from. Opening up your own business takes a lot of money and the expense of a DNA test is quite high

My "mother" and i have not spoken in 4 years and I have asked for my adoption papers from my mother and she refuses to turn them over,I feel like a DNA test will bring me closer to finding out where my real family is,where my real mother is. Anything helps! Thanks so much for reading!

They say for crowd funding a person should never beg and that the funding should benefit the community but I need your help ya'll ... I need to open a restaurant that will improve the community,diversify the culinary industry and supply jobs to black people who will otherwise not find work elsewhere .... I want to inspire love and family through my food .... I am having a hard time finishing my menu planning without  knowledge of my bloodline ....

(funny story,I wrote Oprah asking for her help and she never wrote back)

(i enclosed a photo of my mother and her mother .... family photos i always felt awkward being in)


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