Black Empowerment Compound FundRaiser

By Warriors of Waset

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It's our job to make sure we put systems in place that motivate & allow our children to grow. We aren't rich but we do have hearts & we do have each other. I need for everyone to pull together on this one.

---- Purchase 4-6acres
---- Start with a small black-owned grocery store that will later grow into a supermarket
---- Stock supermarket with everything we need to survive(sort of a New Black Walmart)
---- Use revenue from supermarket to build on and transition into "Garvey BlackEmpowerment Headquarters".
---- Use this headquarters as a motivational camp, skill building haven for our young men and women, a host for business meetings, host for empowerment functions, a community center, and more.

This will be a place we all can call home - a place for black people to unite and grow together- funded by Black people - Built by Black people - Ran by Black people!!✊

Step 1 of Fundraiser will cover land purchase & blueprint & deposit for contractor to begin project.

Step 2 of Fundraiser will begin once 1st goal is met. P.S. With exception of what this app charges 100% of donations will go to project. EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR !WILL! HELP‼️Thanks in advance for the Love & support


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