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BetterU's mission is to strengthen black families by healing black people one person at a time.

We do this by connecting people of color who need counseling with therapists of color who can guide them through some of life's challenges and transitions.

Most times, our clients have insurance or are able to pay. However, on occasion, we meet a client who is in a financially sensitive situation and cannot afford therapy with a qualified professional. Yet, they need the services most.

Such is the case with a young lady we reached out to after hearing about her on-going battle with post Partum depression. We've since learned that she's got some other challenges as well that would be well suited for talk therapy intervention.

So we're reaching out to the village to help this young, single mother get some support.

One of the therapists in our network has already agreed to see her at a discounted rate...a rate that, while generous, is still too much for this client to pay. So I figured I'd come to the village to pool together and get this young mother some relief. I don't want to hear of another story where a mother snaps and does something tragic! Let's save our own.

If we can get the equivalent of 43 people giving $10 or 22 people giving $20,we can get this young lady connected to the help she needs. This will cover 8 weeks of therapy for her.

Our goal is to have all the funds collected in the next couple of days and get her started in therapy some time next week. Please give what you can today.

Any additionally collected funds will be used to establish our Village Fund to support others in financially tight situations who need therapy.

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