Single Mom Seeking Temporary Help

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Hello, everyone. I am deaf and a single mom of two young kids. I am struggling a bit even thought I have two jobs. It is just never enough. My kids want to come back home early from FL. I usually send then away every summer so I could work many hours and save for what we need relating to new housing and utilities. I been through a lot including serious illness related to living with mold and then shacking up with evil minded coworkers until I couldn't take it anymore. So I had to send my kids to FL much earlier to focus on working more hours to save up for new place to stay. I went there to visit them recently and found that they are living in a deplorable condition and need to be back with me ASAP. I love my family but it seems that they love money i sent for my babies rather than provide for them better. I was totally disgusted but unable to take them now that I am renting tiny room temporarily. The owner don't allowed kids and I cannot move out just yet. So that's where I am stuck. I have been looking around PG and Howard counties and the rent is not bad but the deposit is hard to get while currently paying rent and bills including child support to my sister in FL. Please help. The deposit is 1700 and rest is first month rent.


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