Connecting Stripe accounts to Urban Fundr accounts


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Connecting Stripe accounts to Urban Fundr accounts


Users must create an Account which only requires a functional email account and then set setup a password. Once the account is created users must click on the “My Account” link to access the Dashboard screen. The Dashboard is the main control area for your Account, your Payment Settings and your Campaigns. Click on the “Payment Account” link to connect your Urban Fundr account to your Stripe Payment account.

Urban Fundr utilizes Stripe as our primary payment gateway system. Strip allows for easy integration with out platform and gives campaign creators an easy method to collect campaign funds. To create an account visit Once your account is created, log into your Urban Fundr Account and visit your Dashboard.

Click the My Payments Tab, then click on the “Connect to Strip” button.

A prompt screen asking you to connect to your Stripe account should appear.

If you already have a Stripe account, simply click the login link and continue.

If you do not have a Stripe account your will be able to create one from this screen.



Once the connection has been completed you should automatically be returned to your My Payments tab and the Stripe buttons should now read “Connected to Stripe”.

You are now ready to create campaigns and accept payments!