5 Crowdfunding Tips


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5 Crowdfunding Tips


1. Put Your Campaign Link IN the Campaign Video

Your video could possibly be embedded across the internet in various locations. So many people may see your video by not know where to contribute to you campaign. Including a link in the video ensures viewer can properly find your main contribution page for your campaign.

2. Create an Update Calendar BEFORE You Launch Campaign

Crowdfunding campaign updates are delivered via email to all of your backers. It is important to maintain a steady flow of updates to keep your supporters involved throughout your entire campaign. Updates can be in the form of videos, images, or text.

3. Withhold a Few Perks/Rewards Until the End

When a campaign is just beginning, some of you backers will likely contribute a small amount ($2-10) just to show support. As you gain momentum and get closer to your funding goal, those people who were ‘just showing support’ will realize that your project is really happening. At which point, an update about a ‘limited edition t-shirt’ or similar item might be enough to garner a second contribution!

4. Communicate with the Right Language

Rather than asking people for ‘help’ – try using words like ‘include’ or ‘join our team’ instead. This is particularly helpful when reaching out to bloggers who you do not know personally.

5. Offline Social Networking

If you can find people in your area that are passionate about your project, face-to-face communication can mean the difference between a one-time contribution and a brand ambassador. Don’t get stuck at your computer all day.