ub_01Urban Fundr is a crowdfunding (online fundraising) platform designed to provide African Americans in urban areas with a simple, transparent, and affordable means of raising money online.

Urban Fundr was founded inorder to help African Americans and underserved urban communities safely raise funds online and also to function as an economic capacitor by storing and circulating wealth with in urban communities. Our goals are to become the leading crowdfunding platform for the African American community, provide employment opportunities, and directly invest back through community development initiatives as we continue to grow.

Why Urban Fundr

The ultimate purpose of Urban Fundr is not to simply be an African American crowdfunding space. It is to create a space for African Americans to have a platform of transparency designed to raise money for honorable actions…a space where African Americans can visit to directly view and initiatives that have been funded and find new efforts to support.

Why Use Crowdfunding

You can use crowdfunding to help validate ideas before they are fully realized, but if your campaign comes across as half-baked then your audience isn’t going to invest. “People don’t want to back a campaign that’s not going to work,” says writer and entrepreneur Seth Godin on his crowdfunding experiences, and you can’t use crowdfunding as a shortcut to avoid properly fleshing out your ideas.

Using Urban Fundr anyone can start raising money online by signing up a free account and create a campaign.  Campaigns can be fore a variety of project types. Listed below are just a few of the project categories that can raise money for.